February 24, 2007

About Us

Tech Rescue came into being in April of 2001 because of all of the people we know that were asking for computer help. There was no good alternative in the Twin Cities to the big companies that do not cater to the people. Due to long term contracts and other duties, most of our technical services are performed after hours or on weekends.

We don’t put up with the elitism that some of our competitors suffer from. We will always be up-front and we will communicate in “real words”. We believe in treating everyone in the same way that we would like to be treated!

Meet the Founder:

Jonn Berg

Jonn has worked professionally in the computer industry since 1994. He has been working with computers since 1988 as a student administrator. Previous to Tech Rescue, Jonn worked as a Systems Analyst for USFilter and has done private consulting for Analysts International, Honeywell, The Computer Merchant, and Dell Computer. Currently, Jonn is a Senior Systems Engineer with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Jonn brings management experience and near-prodigal technology know-how to Tech Rescue. He has the heart of a teacher and is always willing to show a client how technology works.