Equifax Breach

I think the 2017 Equifax breach is going to be a lot bigger than they are trying to make it seem. First of all, just before this happened, they were trying to lobby congress to make them less accountable for security issues like this. Equifax put out a website to test if your information was[…]

Cyber Police Android Malware

Yesterday marks the first time that we ran into the “Cyber Police” Android malware. This hack is caused by “Stage Fright”, a bug in the default Android browser. Google says that it only affects older versions of the Android operating system. Most phones less than a year or two old have been patched or have[…]

Windows Locker

We recently had a client call in with an issue that seems to be happening more often now. He got a call from someone claiming to be a Microsoft technician and claiming that his computer alerted them to some problems and malware. He thought it was legitimate because they knew a lot of his personal[…]

Windows Raw Name Override

Have you ever wanted to create a file or folder name that Windows Explorer will not let you do? You might be able to do it by using the Raw Name Override character sequence. \\?\ In a command prompt window, typing the following will get you a folder named “._.” md \\?\C:\path\to\container\._. Be aware however,[…]

Battery Questions

Every so often, Tech Rescue gets a battery question. This Tech Talk will try to answer some of the most common ones. 1. Batteries have a “memory” don’t they? Technically speaking, current nickel–cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries do not have a memory effect. It used to be that you had to “train” a[…]

Smart Watch Thoughts

With all the hype around the Apple Watch and Android Wear, I wanted to share my thoughts on the current crop of smart watches. I have been using a smart watch since I got a Fossil/Abacus watch back in the mid-2000s. Well, actually, I had numerous Casio Databank watches back in the old days, but[…]

How to fix missing “Home” and “Recent” buttons after some Android updates

I recently manually updated my Rooted Shield Tablet. After it rebooted and re-optimized the applications, I noticed that the “Home” and “Recent” buttons were no longer showing up or active. The notification shade was also not working correctly. While annoying, it is a fairly simple fix. You have run the following in either ADB shell[…]

Squid 3 Proxy Setup in Ubuntu 13.10

The newer versions of Squid have been converted to upstart. This is a quick write-up on how we got Squid3 installed on Ubuntu 13.10. We also set it up to allow any users on the local network and require passwords for users outside of the network. Install Squid3 sudo apt-get install squid3 apache-util Create file[…]

Bitcoin Mining with Ubuntu

Tech Rescue Labs recently got a Butterfly Labs branded ASIC to “mine” Bitcoins. This is how we set it up using an old Intel Atom based EEE Box and Ubuntu 12.04 Once you get Ubuntu installed, it takes a few minor configurations to get it working. Add SSHD for remote administration and Screen for detaching[…]

Powershell to Monitor Services

Powershell is a wonderful tool that finally allows Windows Server Administrators to have the ability to access a shell-like environment that Unix Administrators have had for years. This script (Powershell CmdLet) will read a list of servernames, ip address and service names from a cvs file. It will check each service on the server to[…]

Enable Audio over RDP from Windows Server

When running Windows Server you can enable audio playback on the server over RDP. 1. Open the Terminal Services Configuration from the Administrator Tools sub-menu. 2. The first window should show a “RDP-Tcp” connection. If not, select “Connections” from the left pane. Right-click on the “RDP-Tcp” connection and select properties. 3. Choose the “Client Settings”[…]